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Special Event Day Pass - $20
3 Day Pass - $50
Annual Pass - $150

Membership passes are available at the following retailers:

Agriest Centre Agricole Coop
4650, Ste-Catherine St, St Isidore, Ontario, K0C 2B0

Allan Johnston Repair and Sales
2665 8th Line Road, Metcalfe, Ontario, K0A 2P0

Benson Service Station
762 Principale Street, Casselman, Ontario, K0A 1M0

Depanneur Leger
400 Old Hwy 17, Plantagenet, Ontario, K0B 1L0


Loiselle Sports Plus Inc.
83 Main Street North, Alexandria, Ontario

Loiselle Sports Inc.
877 Notre-Dame St, Embrun, Ontario

L'Original Packing Ltd.
2567 Highway 17, L'Original, Ontario

Murray Motor Sports
294 Main Street North, Alexandria, Ontario

Phil Roy Service Station
540 Limoges Rd, Limoges, Ontario, K0A 2M0

2678 rue Laurier, Rockland, Ontario

Quad Expert (Mark's Auto and Cycle)
457 Russell Rd, Hammond, Ontario

Maximum Motosport
1225 Main St East, Hawkesbury, Ontario, K6A 1C2

Rockland Marine
920 St-Jean, Rockland, Ontario

Rockland Wheels
2836 Chamberland, Rockland, Ontario

Ron's Service Shop
2116 Highway 138, Moose Creek, Ontario

Séguin H Garage, The Specialist
585 Bolt Rd, Alfred, Ontario, K0B 1A0

Trail Etiquette

Trail users code put forth by OFATV:


- Ride on designated trails. Do not utilize CLOSED trails. 'If you don't know, don't go!'
- Avoid sudden stops and starts and quick directional changes with acceleration.
- Avoid sensitive and restricted areas at all times, especially wetlands, lakeshores, steep stream banks and hills.
- Cross at designated crossings and utilize bridges when available. Cross watercourses at 90-degree angles and drive carefully and slowly.
- Enjoy wildlife viewing opportuinities, avoid stressing any species particularly during the rearing stages. Adjust riding behaviour according to season and location.
- Respect and be courteous to other users who are also using shared use trails. Always yield the right-of-way to other trail users who are approaching or passing. Signal when approaching from behind. In particular, be certain to communicate with the riders of horses and those walking pets.
- Avoid running over young trees and shrubs, particularly in the spring and the growing season of the summer.
- Do not trespass on private property and do not utilize single-purpose trails designated for other (non-ATV) activities.
- Promote parking and dismounting from your ATV to walk to sensitive, scenic, historic and cultural areas.
- Avoid riding after heavy rains.
- Do not venture out on new, non-ATV designated trails without consulting appropriate skateholders.
- Comply with all applicable legislation an municipal bylaws.
- Take a rider safety course and ride within your abilities.
- Do not cut switchbacks or take shortcuts.
- Keep your speed and engine RPM low and steady when approaching other riders, homes, etc.
- What you pack in, pack out - do not litter.
- Remove your helmet when talking to other trail users and/or landowners.
- Keep in mind the following Ontario Trail Council (OTC) statement: "Shared use trail - expect/respect other users."


For more information on club membership, benefits and policies, visit the
Ontario Federation of All Terrain Vehicle Clubs (OFATV) web site.













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